Hay Day by Supercell Tips and Guide

Real Investigation Agent is the latest developed application by Oleg Myakishev
Try yourself by becoming a detective!

Real Investigation Agent – a new criminal story with a case, that you should solve. Try yourself by becoming a detective and save your sister. Investigate crime scene, analyze evidence and follow signs to prove your detective skills.

To cope with a new task you should follow kidnapper’s rules. Do whatever he wants and it will bring you to the right direction, where you will find your sister. But be careful, any mistake can cost a lot. He is watching, every your step and movement. Nobody knows how long will continue this game – 60 seconds, 5 nights or 7. It’s your detective skills against criminal.

Try to survive in this dangerous job, be at all times ready.
Burn the asphalt by catching smugglers.
Don’t miss any clue by checking the abduction site.
Play this mystery game with kidnapper to save your sister.
Follow tips to find a kidnapper.
Be ready to prove your detective skills.

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