Hay Day by Supercell Tips and Guide

Grand Criminal War Pro is the new created app by Vladislav Myakishev
Ultimate gangster battle game!

Underworld empire has it’s own rules, which you should follow. One of them – what your Boss says is a law. His tasks, missions, quests – they are all create you, your identity. It doesn’t matter who you are going to become – assassin or a thief. Gangsters have neither creed nor other san things. there is only thing in this vice world that they honor. Their own gang.

Don’t be afraid to fail. This is an open – world game full of exciting actions. Complete different missions while stealing cars, racing against street – racers, upgrading shooting skills. Only in this way you will be able to accomplish your goal.

Visit different locations and complete quests.
Get a gun to survive in this rockstar’s city.
Deal with your rivals, don’t let them to win in this war.
Show who is the best racer here!
Do some dirty job: steal a car, deliver some things and drive mafia bosses.
Make a big explosion in this vice city.
Don’t let police and other outlaw urban criminals to catch you.

If you want to become a part of this world, you should prove that you do have what it makes to be a REAL gangster. How? As our hero does. Complete all quests and missions in an open world gangster empire and do not let your Boss down.

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