Far Cry Primal – From the gun age to the Stone Age

The first Far Cry games took place in the jungle, but now it’s hard to predict the location of entries in the series. From Far Cry: Blood Dragon’s ‘80s atmosphere to Far Cry 4’s Himalayan adventure, Ubisoft isn’t afraid to take chances with the worlds players explore. But what happens to the series when guns are completely removed from the equation?

Ubisoft is exploring this territory in Far Cry Primal, a new standalone game that brings players to the Stone Age, a time when primate weapons like spears and bows were used to hunt and defend.

As a character named Takkar, the last surviving person in his tribe, players are thrown into an open world and must do everything they can to survive against rival tribes and aggressive wildlife like saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, and other gigantic beasts that roam the lands. Ubisoft hasn’t talked much about Far Cry Primal’s story, but we know that one of Takkar’s primary goals is to grow his tribe and become its leader.

In true Far Cry fashion, this challenge involves toppling enemy outposts in the land of Oros, a fictional area Ubisoft says is filled with “redwood forests, harsh taiga, and humid swamps.” Hunting plays a large role in Takkar’s development, another key component of the recent Far Cry games. Downed beasts can be transformed into weapons and tools. Your tribe must also learn how to successfully wield fire. In one gameplay clip we saw, Takkar uses a torch to navigate a dark forest overrun with a rival tribe intent on taking him down. No matter what weapons you forge, mammoths are going to be hard to drop. Footage of one such battle shows Takkar and his tribe struggling to take down one of these gargantuan creatures. Arrows and spears only seem to anger the beast, sending it into a fury that knocks the tribesman flying into the air. Far Cry Primal is a surprising direction for the series. We love seeing Ubisoft take chances in areas of human history that video games rarely explore, but it begs the question: Is it still Far Cry? We won’t have long to wait to learn the answer considering the game launches early next year.

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